Imprints - homeless tea party - Mighty Avengers (Cage) (Earth-616) | Marvel Database.

So, I know a lot of people are irritated with my sporadic updates and long periods of nonexistence, so I wrote down a weird schedule thing so that I can, at least, give you guys a general idea of what's going to happen. I listed 100 things I need to do, and will, mostly, follow it in order, but I may skip around. Bolded Items are complete, and either posted or are going to be soon, with the date of said posting next to them. I will be putting the Minimum amount of Words that update will have next to it. When complete, next to the COMPLETE I'll add to it, I will put the actual # of words. Some will not have a minimum #, but will have a Completed #.

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According to the Washington Post , Jensen has since deactivated her Facebook account, hidden her food truck, and canceled all of her bookings. She has also installed a security camera at her home. Her son said people have driven by their home shouting threats and obscenities, and they have had to call the police several times out of fear for their safety.