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In Sonic and the Black Knight , Sir Lancelot  possesses an exclusive Skill , named "Knight of Chaos", that allows him to perform the Chaos Blast as a part of his Chaos Punishment .

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On December 14, 2008, the First Trumpet of the Seventh Seal of the Book of Revelation sounded, which announced the beginning collapse of the economy of the United States and great destruction that will follow. The next three trumpets will result in the total collapse of the United States, and once the Fifth Trumpet sounds the world will be thrust into WW III.

Celeste works as a hairdresser in Boston. Sydney's and Tyler's great uncle Paul Corcoran said Celeste has always been 'such an active person,' and that 'it’s going to seriously impact her career.'

At the center lies a crater 200 feet deep and 1000 feet in diameter. The rim of this crater is 1,000 feet wide and is composed of highly radioactive soil and debris. Nothing recognizable remains within about 3,200 feet ( miles) from the center, except, perhaps, the remains of some buildings’ foundations. At miles, only some of the strongest buildings — those made of reinforced, poured concrete — are still standing. Ninety-eight percent of the population in this area are dead.

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Blast - Crazy ManBlast - Crazy ManBlast - Crazy ManBlast - Crazy Man